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  • Book with attending client's name

  • Download Zoom for virtual appts

  • Book session in advance

  • After 15 minutes, appointment will be considered a no-show, and is not eligible to reschedule.

  • No Shows will not be rescheduled/refunded

  • All sales are final


Rescheduling: Please log into member portal to reschedule your session 48 hours prior to session.

Courtney Starkey

“She gave me so much peace during the worst time of my life to date. She's truly a precious gem."

Mary Hakaim

"Yesterday I had the privilege of obtaining a reading from Missy. It was very healing and pivoting for my life.
Yes, I have been to a couple other mediums. They all have their own delivery technique. I will say that Missy's reading found me very comfortable to be around her, not intimidating, and very monumental for the stage of my life.
I would highly recommend an appointment with her and I look forward to my next one. I also look forward to reading her book when it comes out.
Thank you Missy, for sharing your skills for the benefit of others."

Abigail Schlarb

“Missy has such a wonderful connection to the other side and her readings are on point.

Meeting with her is therapeutic and you won't regret it! She is a very real and down to earth compassionate person. Can't wait to go again!”

Amanda Lupi

“This was my first visit time ever seeing a medium. I was skeptical at first but LET ME TELL YOU!!! Missy blew me away. She brought up things no one could ever know. This experience truly gave me peace! She is the real deal. This has really changed me and my view on life/spirituality."

Kirstie O

"Missy, you are a wonderfully gifted soul. Keep spreading that love, joy, and light. You were born to help others. The accuracy you give is like non other. I look forward to all of your live readings and I will book a full one soon. Thank you!"

Rhonda Dahlheimer

“Missy is amazing! I have worked with her on many projects where I was able to validate her insight with historical documentation as well as worked with her for personal insight, She is spot on evertime and has provided meaningful insight that is always for my highest good. Definitely a 5 star!”
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