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Paranormal investigators that have been uncovering the truth for over 26yrs

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Our Approach

Our team is different from most teams in the paranormal field. We utilize the help of two proven psychic mediums in the field, to better detect paranormal happenings. The benefits of this method helps us to get a better understanding of what is really going on at a location, along with determining a locations hot spots, and lastly tipping us off when an entity is present. The mediums have no prior knowledge about a location before going in, other than the psychic downloads they receive leading up to the investigation. We have them walk through a location separately, so there is no contamination, then compare notes when they are done. It's amazing how well this has worked for our team and clients. Once we have gathered what the mediums have detected, we go in with our equipment and get busy investigating while we document the evening. The fact that we have two mediums, a demonologist, and reiki master, has made us one of the top go to teams for helping clients remove unwanted entities.

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