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Special Offers

  • Mediumship Masterclass

    The perfect course for the people looking to development their mediumship abilities from any level!
    • Two Private Readings (6 months apart)
    • Monthly Live Webinar or Replay
    • Personalized Coaching session via Zoom
    • Monthly Newsletters
    • Missy's Book "Wisdom Nuggets from Heaven"
    • Members Only: Bonus Content & Community Group Access
    • Module 1-Introduction to Mediumship
    • Module 2- Developing Psychic Abilities
    • Module 3- Building a Strong Foundation
    • Module 4- Connecting with Spirit Guides and Loved Ones
    • Module 5- Psychic Tools and Rituals
    • Module 6- Ethical and Professional Practices
    • Module 7- Integration and Practice

Lifetime Access on all courses!

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